Enchanting Faerie Redux

“I just fixed the thumb for the most part on this picture....it still bugs me but meh...not as much XD Nothing new just some fixes. :)”
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Hey Lady

Back atcha woman... Super kudos for the lighting and whatnot. I slappa your wrist for that thumb though ;P

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How lovely...

This is such a sweet picture, especially wonderful for your first one here. Welcome to Queeky and I hope you have fun, make lots of friends and draw lots and lots of pictures. I have a feeling they are going to be quite good.

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enchanting faerie

Enchanting and beautiful draw. **10** Welcome to Queeky!

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Looks great 10

Hmm signatures are always hard to think of, but if you find one that suits you then show it off!! (well for a note I also suck at writing them so don't blame me!!)
"I'm trying hard not to be a plague"