Epic gift

“Thank you pppman! sadly Im lazy with coloring so I hope I didnt ruin it lol. I FEEL SO SPECIAL :_:”
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1 Variation


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she holds the sithe from Soul Eater

im dead here, find me on deviantart, keyesdee97

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Epci gift

How cute and great details, love the bunny in the back and her hat. Very well done... Smile Five stars She is so cute...

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But still I am honored! I had some fun coloring it, though near the end I was just scribling until it looked decent Cool I shall continue my quicky comments! ha ha! Big smile

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I don't have any idea anymore, Tongue I make up this drawing from the contents of your comments.

N don't be too greedy, my friend. Crazy

ps. this is just kidding. Wink Thank you anyway.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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U are welcome.

You made yourself special, my friend. Wink You always give comment my drawing just in a minute when I upload them, so I wanted to thank for your support. Nice to know you like it. Big smile

Nope, you color it good. Glasses The background pattern is great and the star on pen is great.

Real fun to find how you had developed some new idea on it. I think they are cool! Cool

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.