Eren Jaeger-Titan

“I got really borde, so I decided to draw Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan, I stated this drawing like 2 weeks ago, but put off, cuz Im lazy, but after being borde I finish him. Hope yall like him, cuz this took FOREVER!!! Please rate and comment, cuz Im thinkin about drawing Mikasa, or Captain Levi next! huehuehue”
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wow that was amazing

wow that was amazing

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THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! I'm Screaming and my family is looking at me like I'm mad.. X)



Ultimate Fangirling Activated!!!

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I felt the same way drawing this, the more detail I added the more and more I felt this strange sensation of awe, cuz I love Attack on Titan. My parents would give me those strange "WTH" looks, as I stormed on listening to the openings on loop, huehuehue....


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He he

It's so good.. X)