EVE ..7.3.12

“Underworld awakening”
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That guys like DIE Or i

That guys like DIE Or i punch u

Love your enemies! It will make them more angry.

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That's amazing man! one of your best!

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gr8 expression!

bad teeth Tongue

kul ting Five stars

EDIT: cewl replay!


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You surely have enlightened by something. Really COOL DRAWING! My friend. Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer Beer

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Great portrait. Lovely lady. Love how her teeth are so shine. Laughing out loud

It's been a long time, my friend. Hope you are well and happy. Wishing you to draw more.

PS: I deactivated my Facebook account many months ago, so it's good to see you here, old friend. (But younger than me Big smile )

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Wow, nice man. Look at my

Wow, nice man. Look at my last project Smile 5 star 4 You !


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work, great style and colors! Have you seen that movie? I have it but haven't watched it yet. Probably this evening. I hope it is half as good as your picture, I know I will like it.