“Literally doing PT”
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Bubbyyy! This is beautiful! I miss you!

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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Thank You All

You all have encouraged me with your kindness and allowing me to get back into my art after a long absence and on-going issues. Every draw makes my arm a bit stronger and I hope to back 100% soon.


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It was a real pleasure to

It was a real pleasure to watch how you've done this marvel, a little happy marvel! Your colours have danced in a beautiful harmony in front of my eyes! Keep going and power!

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Looking good Bubbi, nice

Looking good Bubbi, nice scene with the delicate feathery plants. Take it easy at your own pace Smile

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Hi Bubbi...nice so see you

Hi Bubbi...nice so see you here doing physical therapy; what a good pt this is hey ?

I like your flowers and their colors as well as the entire scene...I imagine it must be a little burdensome and tiring so take it slow and good work here...take breaks...Smile