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“this is a work in progress ... i'm still learning ... and without graphic tablet it's so hard for me ... I tried to improve the draw , but I 'm not able to draw eyelashes and brows ! Suggestions are welcome!”
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6 Variations

6 Variations


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i agree, drawing with a mouse is very difficult. you did wonderfully.

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eye work in progress

~~~..I know how hard is to draw with a mouse (I draw with my mouse too...I don't have a tablet)...but you really did a great work on this...so 5 stars from me....and I'm sure that with practice you'll do the lashes very well...~~~

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thank you !

I'll try again , but every time I draw eyelashes the result is spider eyelashes effect ... sigh ! Sad(

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spider lashes...

I know what you mean, they are hard to make. I was playing around with this draw too and it took me forever to do some lashes. I may post it in a while.

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Nice work...

I am no expert at lashes or brows but i take the opacity down sort of low and then use a dark brown instead of black and the smallest pen. make the lashes go out toward the side instead of straight up or down and they look more natural, making sure they have a slight curve. You do such good work with a mouse. I couldn't do this that is for sure. If I didn't have my tablet I wouldn't be drawing anything I am so bad with a mouse.

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Be sure, your eye is very

Be sure, your eye is very good done. If I could draw like you...

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Wow this is fantastic where did you learn how to do this?

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hi i'm new on net... plz give me some tips about drawing..