by Baka

falling wings

“dark wings falling away ( mostly i can draw onlye anime. i tryed somthing else this time hope you guys like it .”
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:) Ez nagyon jó!

Mindent másolunk! Az önarcképtől kezdve egy szál rózsáig! De sosincs két egyforma, mert mindenki beleadja saját magát, a hangulatát...stb.

Így lesz egyedi, egyéni!

A legegyszerűbb tájképet is, 10 szem, 10 féle képpen lát, 10 különböző festmény készül! Pedig a táj, ugyan az! Egyszerre ül ott a 10 művész!

I can't, but I like to create.

Love what we do. Smile

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Its not the same but it is

Its not the same but it is extremely similar. copying art is very good practice but you should at least give the original some credit


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u Mirin

U Mirin Brah? draw is always copying you need to see somthing to get inspiration to draw if you dont see somthing you cant draw it....

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That is not true at all you do not need to copy to make art and if you do copy you need to give credit to the owner of the original. It is kind of sad if some one can not find a idea from there own mind. I can draw with out seeing any thing and by the looks of your other art (witch is very good) you can to.