by ezd

"fanadu balanta" → variate

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1 Variation

1 Variation


little_prince's picture
I like this style

and the colors are just great

this is an amazing art work ezd

Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

ploiesteana's picture
Stunning and wonderful

Stunning and wonderful picture! Great details: the rope, the ornaments on his hat, the expression of his face, everything is amazing!

And tell me the word "balanta" means balance? Is this a Romanian word? I am very curious...

spring's picture
fanadu balanta

Wonderful...fabulous colours and super details, another fantastic work of art ezd. Smile 5 stars

marilens's picture
Great draw

I don't know what fanadu balanta means but this is a wonderful draw...Your choice of colors and your style make for a beautiful drawing. so much detail, great job... Smile Five stars

guyverunit's picture
nice one again..great

nice one again..great

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

ph's picture

the colors are great!

Five stars

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Cool Picture...

Wow, this is pretty awesome ezd! You are very good at a variety of drawing styles and content. Love the colors in this too! My eyes are drawn to that rope....very well done!