Farmland Old Country...

“User here at Queeky mentioned modern art in a comment he made on one of my paintings and I suggested he plop some paint on the digital canvas and try it...I tried it too and happily painted this...I happen to like this very much and I thank him for mentioning modern art...thanks CHR...”
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Laughing out loud I like the colours it is a nice landscape ! Wonderful !


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Thank you lookingforst...

Thank you lookingforst...

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I think this is your forte

I think this is your forte MBM....this is another excellent painting and it is easy to see what it is. The colours are bold and striking.....excellent!

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Thank you Chr so much...I

Thank you Chr so much...I started to paint this right after I told you to plop some paint on a canvas...I enjoyed painting this too...I wish I lived on this farmland...wouldn't mind at all...thanks for your support...and comments...