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fat ho

“003 22.12.2009”
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hellco's picture
Demeaning to whom ?

It's made after a random frame from some porno movie.

I actually like the girl, she's quite attractive despite her size, but in this particular frame she looked very vulgar. The fact that she's a fat girl, the low quality of the video and the way that breast was hanging, turned a usually cute girl into a rather grotesque fat harlot. Since art is best served raw & sincere, rather than toned down and nice, I figured a vulgar image deserves a vulgar name. That's its raw nature.

Now that I write all this down it makes me think: my hand still needs a lot of practice, and this is pure crap from a technical standpoint, but perhaps this image has more depth and meaning to it, than I initially thought Smile

In any case the title is referring to the freeze-frame image, not the girl as a whole.

Perhaps I'll draw her in a face portrait (once I learn more about portraits) and we'll meet her again Wink

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To women in general...

but now since you did tell me the whole story I guess the name is fitting for the draw. I always say what first comes to my mind about a drawing. I am looking forward to seeing more of this girl. I would like to meet her in a different light. LOL

I am glad you replied, now I know you are not just an empty headed person that wanted to demean women. Nice to meet you hellco!