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Wonderful design

on the ears...can't imagine your elephant without it... Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thanks, MananaBanana !!..

Thanks, MananaBanana Laughing out loud !!.. really great work you're pumping out.

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... ahhhh....ummm....

"focused elephant" ? Hehehehe i guess. Laughing out loud

Very creative how the ears look like butterfly wings. He flies sometime, I guess. Laughing out loud

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I didn't really splurge

I didn't really splurge creatively in terms of the name, lol.. it's just "Fantasy Elephant"

Thank you very much, Ha55ha! she's like Dumbo on acid. Laughing out loud

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amazing work,I love this so

amazing work,I love this so much .

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Thank you, Isand for the very

Thank you, Isand for the very nice comment. You've made my night Smile