Field of Dreams

“Happy Birthday Liz...May all your dreams come true :)”
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Very sweet pic

very nice

Have a wonderful day!

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so loveable picture. wanna show this one to my mother in law, they have had a beagle and i think she would love this one. all the best and loads of inspiration! Big smile


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dog! Smile Beautiful job!! 5 stars

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Hi, dear Marilyn! Please ,

Hi, dear Marilyn! Please , forgive me that I'm commenting so late your wonderful, thoughtful present for Liz!I'm still busy with my friend, maybe next week I will draw and comment all your drawings...This picture is so cute and sweet, the puppy, the yellow flowers and the sweet butterfly-all make a wonderful, warm gift for our Liz. Keep healthy, hugs and love!

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just too dang sweet!

ah my gosh this is so great... puppy love and butterflies, who could not find a smile looking at this one.. beauty.

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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... wonderful dogie!...


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this is so cheerful and happyyyy

I think hand made gifts are the most expensive gifts ever Smile

happy birthday dear Liz, Party you are a leo like me Cool Wink

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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great gift!

well done Marilyn, happy birthday Liz! Smile Party

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