Find you

“Not for children”
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holy hell! this is awesome...

holy hell! this is awesome... and VERY terrifying. 5 stars Glasses

♥ DaQ ♥

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Please, don't find me! Where

Please, don't find me! Where can I hide from this scarying monster you've done in your perfect art?

Have you already thought to create a book with all your so original and outstanding drawings?

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Find you

What is this staring at me through my computer screen! lol! so scary and weird! looks like this pic has given Kute some nightmares! me too I think! Seriously pppman! this is yet another amazing and fantastic draw from you. 5stars..

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this looks amazing, and indeed scary, great draw!!!!!!!!

Touch the stars, and the planets too..

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Not for children?

Should say "Not for Kutedymples" I am for sure going to have nightmares tonight. Thank you pppman for my vivid dreams. Wow, this is super scary. You should submit this to hollywood and have them create a movie for him. He is indeed creepy and extremely well done!