fire hair ice eyes

“I like the contrast between the hair, the warm red. and the eyes, the cold blue/green. Hope u see it like that,too ^_____^”
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The mad thing is that first I didn't knew what to draw. So I just drew a boy with pale skin, bright blue/blue green , whatever, eyes and red hair because I love such a contrast between the cold blue/green don't know, and the warm red. Later so much people said that the "Gaara" I drew looks good. And only then I recognized Gaara in my picture XD. Mad.

You're welcome ^___^and thank you, too! Sexy

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*hugs* 0-0 mine... i love Gaara!!! thank you sooo much for drawing this TTwTT *sniffle sniffle* it's amazing!!! again five stars and on my faves ^w^

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