“Here's wishing everyone an awesome 2012! ”
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I am quite late but still

I am quite late but still want to wish you all Happy new year 2012.

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You're not

late, isandeep...the Lunar New Year is this weekend(Yay! Another long holiday weekend \0/) GONG XI FA CAI!

Do everything with LOVE...

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HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beer Beer Party


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Thank you, danila!

Big smile Love

Do everything with LOVE...

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A wonderful Happy New Year to

A wonderful Happy New Year to you, dear MannaManna! Joy and smiles everywhere, on each your steps, happiness and all the best for you,for your children and family!

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Thanks so much, ploiesteana!

I wish the same for you! Big smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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Happy new year 2012, MannaManna !!!

Must be great to have this view. Laughing out loud

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Happy New Year, ha55ha!

Yeah, wish I could have that kind of view on New Year's Eve. Sad

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thank you

mannamanna and hope you have an awesome one also.

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You're welcome, betty!

HNY! Big smile Beer Beer

Do everything with LOVE...