First Digital Drawing Ever

“Yeah, I know its terrible, but I tried. Using a mouse is so hard!!!”
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wow thats much better than my

wow thats much better than my first Smile keep practicing xx

is there a ceiling in here?
did you look up? Smile lol RANDOMNESS

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thanks a lot! encouragement

thanks a lot! encouragement always helps Laughing out loud

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Hi. I'm new here too. You have a lot going on for the good in your draw...

- nice skintone/highlights

- good proportion in features

- good shaping of eyes and eyebrows

(hair needs a little work... seems you struggled most here. Maybe fill in a solid color and then add some highlights with thin strokes and some shadows - just playing with it helps a lot - and is fun!)

(don't give up).

I use a mouse too. In fact, I have a tablet - yet still draw with the mouse. Perhaps the pen needs to be adjusted (it does quirky things).

In any case, welcome to this site. I'm no expert, but happy to help when I can.

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Thanks for the welcome And

Thanks for the welcome Laughing out loud

And yeah I did struggle a bit with the hair. I think I should have gone over it with

some lighter colors after I did the darkk!

Thanks for the compliments though! I tried doing another pic, and then somehow I

clicked on something and it got deleted! Sad I was really disappointed because I didn't save it.

Oh well! I'll hopefully start a new one soon.

So, you like using the mouse rather than the tablet? I was thinking of investing in one....

do you think it's worth it? or is it just kind of a "its youre own preference thing" ??

Thanks again for the critique! Very helpful Smile

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First mouse draw too? Looks

First mouse draw too? Looks good to me.

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Thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot!! Smile

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Awesome for first

Awesome for first draw...welcome Smile Smile

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Aww thank you! I need to

Aww thank you! I need to practice wayyy more and get good like all you experienced queekians! Laughing out loud

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you're very welcome...oh,we

you're very welcome...oh,we learn together.. Wink Laughing out loud