“shes so funny on those commercials”
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I watched the whole thing. At

I watched the whole thing. At first I was like theres no way thats going to look like Flo!!


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the face may be wrong but the

the face may be wrong but the idea and character of her shows. GOOD WORK!

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This is a great drawing! It looks just like her!!!

BTW, can you look at some of my drawings and comment on them? I've commented on A LOT of yours! Wink

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well (though im not the best artist either) you got the face wrong....her cheekbones are to small, and her nose is to big.....and you could have done a little bit better for an artist of your magnitude.

oh well



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who wants a picture with flo?? *walks over to cardboard cut-out*

O_o everyone say awkward! XD good pic!

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OMG I was going to try to

OMG I was going to try to draw her today! and then I saw this! xP what a coincidence. this is fantastic, another great one, from another great artist. love it! you definatley scored, on capturing her atitude and mood.

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