Flower in the Night

“This is my first attempt at drawing something other than chibi or anime.”
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Beautiful, nice glow

Beautiful, nice glow Big smile

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So whimsical and light, it looks like a warm summer night. It's cold here so I wish I were there. Smile

Rebbecca Cormier

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I like it, think you should do more of this type of drawing. It's really pretty, that pink flower is really cool, like your shading and lighting on it. Big smile

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Thank you!

Thanks! It took me quite a while to draw the flower. I'm not used to drawing flowers or plants.

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Love it!

It's really pretty, I love the hills and the firefly/stars (sorry I can't decipher what they are!)


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Yeah, the white small dots in the sky are stars, but I don't exactly know what the glowing yellow ones are. XD They could be fireflies. Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!