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May the angels be with you in

May the angels be with you in these hard times Susie, giving you the strenght to get through. Don't lose your hope.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Dear Kute, I am so sorry for

Dear Kute, I am so sorry for you and your family, you have so many problems , so many sorrows, I am so sad for you. I hope that the things will be better, I hope your daughter and your son-in-law will recover soon and you can smile again, I think of you, maybe my thoughts can give you a bit power...Sincerely I'm thinking of you with my best wishes, from my heart!

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Great, great pink colour, I

Great, great pink colour, I really like it and the lighting is very nice.

Good luck with your family, Dymps.

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I wish you strength

in this time of difficulty, Susie...looking at your painting again...I smile at the rays of sunshine you have painted on is symbolic of your HOPE in real life. Never ever lose that! God bless Love

Do everything with LOVE...

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Thanks everyone so much....

This morning my daughter and her husband are driving to the hospital. She is having surgery tomorrow and they are removing part of her large intestine. She had weight loss surgery a couple of years ago and lost almost 200 lbs. But it messed up her colon and large intestine from losing weight so fast and the procedure that they did in the first place. My Son in law just found out two days ago he has Leukemia and is still in the hospital receiving Chemo and Radiation Therapy and the prognosis is still unknown. I know every family has problems and illness. With the deaths recently, My Dad and Brother these recent illnesses to the younger family members is a scary thing right now. I thank all of my friends here at Queeky for thinking of us at this time. God Bless you all! Smile

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I am sad to hear your news

I am sad to hear your news and wish all good to you. This picture is so beautiful, as all yours are.


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Very beautiful

painting...You're in my thoughts and prayers, Susie. xoxo

Do everything with LOVE...

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hope your spirit will get

hope your spirit will get cheered up soon... Love Love Love


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Sorry to hear of your sadness...hope better times will visit you soon. Know that your art at least will always comfort you, and makes the rest of us feel better too.

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Thank you...

I really appreciate the support. I have been away for a bit, more sadness and illness in my family. Sad I had to draw something to get my mind off from everything and since I love flowers so much I wanted something bright and cheery. Thanks again!