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Did I not see these flowers before this? There is not much you do not know how to draw...can I ask how long you have been drawing? Have you had formal art training? I admire your skill. Smile

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Thank you very much

Thank you very much kutedymples. I Admire you as an artist as well! I am thankful for such kindness. I've been drawing on paper since I could hold a pencil. My Mom said I'd ask for blank paper over coloring books as a kid. I draw any chance I get. Just this last summer came across this site. My first tries at online painting (besides the basic paint) After seeing your work and some others here I looked at it as another tool of art. I take on challenging reference pictures to see what I can do. I think it's because I have such a passion for art in general. glad it shines though Smile I'm thankful a tablet and pen is not needed to draw here. that has opened a lot of creativity for me. I am considering a career in Art. I've felt modest about my work until recent years being more brave. getting pieces done and out there. people have called me artist most my life. it amuses my passion of making that come true by just doing. for now I try to create art everyday on computer or on paper. These last few weeks I have been asked to draw for people's events so that's why I don't draw sometimes as much here. I defiantly love the tools and Possibilities on Queeky. Thanks again Smile

Just do your best.

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