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1 Variation

1 Variation


spring's picture

wonderful! 10

kirran123's picture
beutiful flowers

i love those flovers they really good well done GREAT WORK !!!!!!!

ploiesteana's picture

This picture is so happy , she makes someone happy. The variety of green nuances, the delicate flowers and buds,so fine coloured, absolutely wonderful!

vig's picture
lively flowers

i feel like they're talking to me or looking at me. i mean those flowers. you give them lives. 10!

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All credit to Minniemouse for doing such a good original draw. I seemed to have lost the usual tag which goes with variations, somewhere between various saves and crashes. If you would like to colour one of her drawings they appear in the colorbook.

Raindrops to get a watercolour effect use your magnification icon and shade with the paintspray.

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This is really great! The leaf in the back makes it look like a watercolor. I would like to know how you did that.

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There's going to be serious copyright issue over title as I have one given already.I am filing a lawsuit.The legal hassle can be settled If u tell me how u branched to floral seg from pop/rock/filmstars.

Jokes apart beautiful draw.

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it`s really beautiful, I love the colours, too. I get happy when I see this pic:)

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Oh yes!

It sure did work. I am glad to see this perfected. Wonderful Martyn. I really like this. Anything at all you need help with, if I can help just ask. I will be glad to try.