For Fun

“This is inspired by ha55has Happy New Years fairy picture. It in no way holds a candle to it so, you should go see hers. Thank you.”
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marilens's picture

I think you did a great job on this little pixie..very nice texture and colors..this is just so cute.. Smile Five stars

rebelsmileygirl's picture
It still needs work

Thank you though. And I love dragonflies too. They are so powerful and beautiful.

Rebbecca Cormier

ha55ha's picture
Wings! I love it.

The transparent wings are so pretty and have many beautiful colors in it. I alway observe the dragonfly since I was a kid. They have this glowing colors on the wing just like this. ( And they can fly still in the air, like they are not moving anywhere. Amazing!) And nice pose of the girl. I love the colors, too. The colors lead me to click from the thumbnail.