For Kutedymples

“Update, changed eye color to brown. Hope you like it. I guessed on the eye color.”
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Very sweet picture

Very sweet picture Smile

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Thank you

Thank you MysticalUnicornFart!

Just do your best.

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You're welcome kutedymples. I

You're welcome kutedymples. I wanted to get it as close as I could. some of my best digital roses! Smile

Just do your best.

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Glad you love it! sometimes

Glad you love it! sometimes reference pictures make people's eyes reflect a grayish /blue color when they are brown. I made the mistake before. I know no biggie but I like to get close!

Just do your best.

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I could have never dreamed you were going to do this for me. Thank you. What a sweetheart you are and all of the beautiful roses too! It's like two pieces of art in one! Thanks Mudpuddle! You are such a good friend. Oh my eyes are brown but I always wanted blue eyes. Now I have them! Lovely work!