for yesterday

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Such good fabric rendering

I cannot believe how good the fabric rendering is on this; her garment clearly has a lot of fabric that is medium to medium-heavy in weight and it is shaded so very well. o.O The whole drawing is great; I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm going to now!!!

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Mr deserve an

Mr deserve an Oscar!...a queeky are the best artist i have ever come across...and with respect i don't say that lightly!!

And you drew this in my favorite colour!!...(sings)..."your simply the best!...better then all the rest" Crown Beer Big smile

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I hear you

Thanks, but without the support from all the friends here, I doubt if I can keep on drawing in here.

Beer for our friends! Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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This is absolutely Beautiful. The way your art comes to life, and the emotion is so amazing and intriguing to watch.

.`·.¸.·´ ?
¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸

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Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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my gosh...

You're art is SO beautiful!!! 8D I'll never get bored of looking at it!

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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Glad to know that


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Agree with every comment. Great design of the costume. Great playback. Laughing out loud

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owwww how sweeeet ^^ *-* but

owwww how sweeeet ^^ *-* but I wonder the same thing than mannamanna Tongue girl charged I could not.... -..- if there are two people, they two look great and cute. Big smile Five stars

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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Thanks cunny

they are S and Z. Tongue Beer

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.