For you....

“Thanks to all artist on Queeky. I hope you're happy with the roses from me... Thanks for the comment too...^^”
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This is just perfect, I love

This is just perfect, I love it. Five stars!!!!!!!!!!

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this is sooooooo beautiful and great background...FAVS Smile Five stars

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...beautiful gallery!...


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Inanina and trumoon... Smile

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BEAUTIFUL ROSE! ..AND A WONDERFUL RED COLOR!Laughing out loud Five stars , Five stars ..

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Beautiful, love the water

Beautiful, love the water drops Big smile

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Hey!!! congratulation of being featured artist...i see work in ur drawing...keep on like this tami! Sexy

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Thank you so much selinadie

Thank you so much selinadie Smile ,I like your drawing too Laughing out loud ..

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Wonderful rose

and droplets!!! 5 Smile

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks Brynn,glad you like

Thanks Brynn,glad you like droplets Laughing out loud