For you....

“Thanks to all artist on Queeky. I hope you're happy with the roses from me... Thanks for the comment too...^^”
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wow beautiful flowr

wow beautiful flowr

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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thanks mimirotuka

thanks mimirotuka Smile

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Really beautiful...

Tami you have come such a long way in Queeky since you joined. I always look forward to your next piece of work. Beautiful! Love

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thank you, you're like a

thank you, you're like a teacher to me. Hope you are happy with my drawing, because I know you love roses Smile

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More than happy...

with your Rose. It is so beautiful. That's quite an honor Tami that you consider me a teacher for art. I am still learning myself. I think we can learn together. LOL Yes you are right...I adore Roses. Love

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You're right.... But after

You're right.... Smile

But after seeing a tutorial from you I can learn to draw better Laughing out loud

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I wish I was better at making them, I would make many more. My tutorials are long and boring. LOL But I am glad it helped you, knowing that even one person learned something from them was worth making it.

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But it's very helpful. I just saw a moment, then I tried it. then I can... Laughing out loud

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Great water droplets

and I love the background too

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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Thanks my first drawing with

Thanks Smile my first drawing with waterdrop..glad you like the background,