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“Sorry, it started out as a cool idea but I got tired of it and lazy. So, you can variate and make it better if you want. Or just totally recreate one with the same idea.”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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I like the movement, it's

I like the movement, it's very well captured.Vivid colours, good idea!

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They're kinda rush. Nice street view.

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i kind of like it

the movement is felt in this draw and all the people are fashionable the colors make for a vibrant drawing indeed only that black lump i cannot wrap my head around dont feel bad this is a good drawing stylish in its own way Beer Beer Beer

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Black thing

I think it's supposed to be a car.

"There's only color and light"
-Color and Light, from Sunday in the Park With George by Stephen Sondheim.