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Fantastic draw, pppman! The

Fantastic draw, pppman! The eye-creature tells him the story of the deeps, a secret, mystery knowledge, your hero seems to be very happy , we are too!

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Whatever this creature with one eye is...he seems very curious and happy to have discovered it. As always pppman a wonderful and expressive draw with meaning to make us think! Smile Fantastic works. 5 stars

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such a great draw pppman, he looks so real and the clothes and ear muffs are great. I have to ask, after seeing your self portrait some time back and then some of your other draws where the faces sometimes seem very similar, do you use yourself as the model for some of your draws? is this you? Your faces are always done so life like as if you were using a model. Either way your drawings are always fantastic. Smile Five stars

I can't make out what he is holding in his hand, what he found...

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I found that problem too! Maybe I sometimes put my feeling on them, so they may feel a bit similar. Yeah some of the drawing reference are from some photos I found in the net, photos or album, something I can feel or recall.

And, it is a unknown creature with one eye.

ps. but this drawing reference is inside my mind Wink

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Oh yes

I can tell they are from you and your creative mind, I just wondered if you were putting yourself into the draws. They are each unique on their own but sometimes there is something in some of the faces that makes me think of some of your other draws. I just thought that maybe you were using yourself as your model which would be cool. No matter what you draw, use or don't use for a reference I think your drawings are fantastic and so enjoyed by many. I figured that the thing in his hand was some sort of creature but didn't say since I wasn't sure. Thanks pppman. Big smile

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And yes

Maybe you are right, some of the drawing are base on myself as the model. Even you say so, I'm not so sure it's good Puzzled , my goal is to draw without limitation, express all the feeling on that moment without hesitation... I think Tongue . I won't look the comments on the negative side, they are all good information for me to improve my tech and idea. So thanks for all the comments you will, and have given. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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yes! oh yes(!)..

I see pppman and marilens are very enjoyed to write comments!..

hahaha! please continue! Laughing out loud

btw: great draw

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you really like to 'hahaha!'

Please continue too Laughing out loud

btw: thanks for your funny comments

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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great draw

and nice colors! 5

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This is great! I very much

This is great! I very much like the colors, they're warm and cozy (: