“Frank from Donnie Darko, my all time favorite movie.”
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very awesome

nicely you could add a little black spray to the lower parts and a little white light to the upper parts(head)..

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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this is amazing<3 I love it it made me smile,donnie darko is my favorite film of all time

Life is just a melody,so sing me your tune,fill my ears with your Bitter Sweet Symphony.

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Frank making someone smile? that's a new one Wink haha, thanks, I loved drawing this, I just adore Donnie Darko, thank you Smile

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The face..

is strangely amazing! I like the transperant effect!

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Thank you!

The transparent effect was me running out of ink, but nevertheless I do like it too ^^

Thanks for the comment and rate, it's very appreciated! Smile

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Donnie, I love ur artwork Its

Donnie, I love ur artwork Its amazing ^^

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Scary Mr.Rabbit. Great design and lighting.

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Thank you!

Haha, thank you ^^ I had a picture on my other screen to reference. Thanks for the nice comment Laughing out loud

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Wow! Awesome Donnie!

Yet another great movie tribute! You did a really good job on this. Love Love Love Love Five stars

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Thank you!

Thank you Giselle! I don't often do this kind of style, but I think it turned out Smile Thanks for the comment and rate ^^