French sticks

“Warm cinammon sticks, baked to golden brown perfectness and drowned with thick syrup. A light puff of powder suger tops it all off. Oh and that santa list on the wall. My little sister's. You can guess who got an "A" on her paper!”
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drool, drool

These look so yummy! Great job!

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Beautiful, is very detailed.

I imagine it is very delicious. Congratulations to your sister for the good note. Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Can you give me some please?

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Oh for me?

You are making me so hungry just before going to bed. I can't eat now! LOL This is a delicious looking drawing and so many lovely details. Great job!

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Ah, so great I can taste the cinnyminny goodness. Great job!

You smell like muffins ;]