Fresh Garlic

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I still come back for your garlics. Very beautiful.

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Ooooh Julia I missed your

Ooooh Julia I missed your garlic!!! Sooo beautiful!!

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Great garlics!

Oh!!! So very very beautiful. These colors are marvelous together. The garlics look so fresh. Laughing out loud

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I've just discovered your

I've just discovered your comment, thank you very much, dear ha55ha! Your words are always supporting and warm, thanks a lot!

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I love garlic because I am not a vampire

and it is the poor man's penicillin...........

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A vampire couldn't paint such

A vampire couldn't paint such beauties like you do , so I am very sure, you're not a vampire, thank you very much, dear Betty!

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Looks like a watercolor! FIVE : )

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Ha ha ha...

I can't believe I'd say this: "Your garlic" looks so SEXY!! Sexy FIVE for you, my friend.


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Fresh garlic

This is absolutely Amazing!....the colours, detail and strokes, so beautifully done Julia. I love garlic and this looks so incredibly real.. Excellent work. Five stars

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Hermosa pintura

Los ajos son muy realistas !!

great draw, I like the colours

Five stars

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