Fretful Goldfish

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I've been trying to work out the cause.

I log in, looked at my gallery and clicked to continue the original fish drawing.

The loading icon was there but not moving and the left ruler was scrolling off the bottom of the screen.

At this point the page stopped responding and i have to close it. I think its an issue with trying to login before drawing.

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what do you mean?

hope i can help you ...


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Redrawn as Queeky wouldnt let me continue my original drawing...

Anyone else having technical difficulties?

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Dayum! Wow.

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I am having problems redrawing some of my pictures at times. I just think its a bad conection or something and retry intell it works

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I seem to be having more luck staying signed out until i save my picture.

A lil bit frustrating, but better than nothing.