friends gather for a bright new yea

“Happy New Year to all”
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so cute

your style is great...and lovely Smile

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quite a story to get to the

quite a story to get to the result on this one, and very nice shrooming element in all your images Wink

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Spring is coming..

this is what im hoping to see,,a springlike day..beautiful draw.5stars

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spring a lovely spring ^^

i like your little fairy or cobold to be a part of the drawing but rather the landscape ist taking most attention away with this mix of a shadow layer and two colorlayer its really authentic!


can i vote twice for the lovely spring in the drawing and you !

Have also a happy and the best new year of your life!!

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friends forever

may i be your rabbit? i feel like you draw us in queeky. transform us into your lovely fanciful characters. i can be wrong. you're the one cannot do anything wrong to your style. impressive colors with the lighthearted drawing. 10!!!

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This is such a happy, beautiful drawing! I love the scenery and little animals! Looks like a Disney creation! 10

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Oh I love it!

This is so detailed and beautiful. I love every little creature you added to this and the greens look brillian with the silhouettes! Lovely little flowers too. So pretty!