friendship rose

“for all my queeky friends, revamped with the new tools”
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Youve captured more materiality with the new tools, I think...A nice present, thanks!

rindesayu's picture
like this!

Very Beautiful :3

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love this Smile

spring's picture
friendship rose

revamped with new tools! even more beautiful, a wonderful friendship rose Kute! *10*

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another rose

10! so cool!!!!! keep it up! love your art.

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Thank you all...

I am getting more used to the tools here. It is making it easier and faster for me to draw. I am very happy to see everyones comments. I hope to be much better soon.

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Rose 10!!

wow!! you draw very beautiful ! i love your drawings! ^_^

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rose 10!

Beautiful rose!

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beautiful!!!! well done! Smile

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my friends and i are all marveling at youre work! we love it!