Hanging in there

“This wouldn't reload into edit so I guess I am finished :-)”
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love the splash of color and the way the image zooms into a focus on the frogs eyes, just like a macro shot .. 10 stars

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What a lovely, bold frog,

What a lovely, bold frog, looking interested the world, with vivid eyes- a wonderful draw,Marilens!

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really great colours

really great colours

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Hanging in there

This is a fabulous draw Marilyn...he's so cute and adorable...taking time to smell the flowers! Smile you hang in there little guy! Lovely colours and detail, wonderful work. 5 stars

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Very cute!

I love this drawing....very cute....well done!.....5 stars for you!

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detailed description

Hi ph, I worked on my drawing and then saved it, I had also checked the auto save just in case it wouldn't save. I later came back to unpublished pictures and tried to load it into edit but it would not ever come I tried it for several days and then I finally just gave up and published it. hope that helps. Smile

I still don't ever see my drawings that I have published show up on the home page under recent, I will see the one that was saved just before mine and then the one that was saved just after mine so it just skips over mine, not a big problem, don't mean to whine ha ha...just wondering why.

Thanks, Marilyn

ps. I tried to send this as a reply under your comment but it wouldn't let me, it said "validation error" not sure if that is normal or not but thought I would mention it.

'Thank you everyone for your comments... Big smile

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Hanging in there

~~~....lovely....nice colors!!..~~~

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I had the same problem

I'm sorry for that

a really cute draw ,very nice colors Five stars

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Again: please PM me a detailed description of the problem that I can try to fix it.

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You draw a cute creature too! Lovely color and depth! Five!

ps Thanks for your comments:)

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.