by Nox

Fuer Jette [Sasuke]

“I know I have got really stange methods... But this is for a best friend of mine. I hope she likes it.♥”
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very kawaii!! Laughing out loud he's soo cute haha i love it he looks soo innocent x3

for a dreamer, night's the only time of day

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I love sasuke nd i think u drew him very cute

i am loving this drawing of him

can u draw sakura 2 >

Life is like art, sometimes its dark, sometimes it's bright, but at the end it's always beautiful :8

Nox's picture

Ja ich habe ain Zeichentablett...

Die Hände... Naja... dafür seh'n sie aber auch ziemlich krüppelig aus.! Sad(

Und ich und eine ruhige Hand.?!

Sorry, aber hats du 'n Knick in der Pupille.? Stare

You get nothing for nothing. Always you've to work for it.

Artes bonae.

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^^ kawaii

wow du hast echt ne ruhige hand. besitzt du'n zeichentablett?

du hast die hände gut hinbekommen in so ner schwierigen haltung (meiner meinung nach) Smile

i like it

it's really cute ^___^