Future Land Colored

“Glad to hear someone get the message...but it is really hard for me to color it.”
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Future thingy

That's some nice f****** shit ! Bloody hell i'm cursing like a crazy person right now Laughing out loud But i really like the mud sticky stuff, look's great ^^

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future land

Amazing!...Excellent work. 5 stars

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One of your gooood ideas:)

Really amazing work! The colors and the style are great!!!

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Totally Amazing!

Five stars What an amazing drawing! I was totally blown away by this when I logged into Queeky tonight. Excellent pppman!

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perfect work Five stars

Queeky admin

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very new style.. fantastic

very new style..


:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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this is my fav ^.^

unbelievable drawing!!

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that's what Im talking about PPPMan! Laughing out loud Nice work! Smile

"This is the one life we know we have. I can't be complacent about the world I live in. It's important to me to use art in a manner that incites people to look and then carry something home - even if it's subliminal - that might make a change in them.

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ts amazing! its a fantastic draw! Five stars