Future Land Colored

“Glad to hear someone get the message...but it is really hard for me to color it.”
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I love it! Great idea.. its

I love it! Great idea.. its amazing... Innocent

XX AkumaKirei <3

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Fallen angel. Super great idea. And beautiful picture. This pic makes me wanna cry for some reasons.

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Absolutely gorgeous. You did

Absolutely gorgeous. You did an amazing job

God, Jesus, & The Holy Spirit <3 you.

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I really want to say somthing smart and meaningful but this is the best I could come up with: "whoa".... Seriously though this is not only well done but classic, deep, and unique. I especialy like how you managed to make your character seem glossy and hollow yet still give the feeling of being extremely heavy. The fantastic color choice is not only eye-catching but also highlights the great quality or your work.

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great draw

and ..interesting choice of colors..


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Well Done

Smile I like this one. Five stars

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Im jaelous, u draw better than me ... This is awesome ! I thnk i

m jaelous, u draw better than me ... This is awesome ! This is my favorite pic too ! Ur amazing !! r u a woman ?

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Five stars !!!! my FAVORITE picture, wow!

♥ DaQ ♥

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Future land

I just thought that i would give my oppinion of what it's all about so... yeah, here we go: Global warming has coused a giant tidal wave and thereby mudded the entire world. Afterwards the sun has become so incredibly strong that it has burned the mud to stone Laughing out loud I would like to hear your own oppinion too^^

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Sweet!!! I love this...GOSH! It's so FRIKIN amazing!!! Big smile