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Awesome! Wink

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wow this is awesome, very

wow this is awesome, very well thought of and done

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I love manga but u r the best XD go now and join my clan!!! X3

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wow this is cool

wow this is cool Smile

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!

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Really! How long have you been drawing? I found when I started drawing I practiced with all sort of things. It helped a lot in learning the basics of digital drawing. Don't just lock yourself into one thing and you will find yourself getting better with each draw.

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thanks,i started drawing when

thanks,i started drawing when i know how to use a pencil(those drawing sucks),and thanks 4 ur tips.Laughing out loud


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Sounds like me...

that's when I started drawing too. I was very lucky to learn how to use colors-coordinating and opposite colors from the color wheel when very young from my Grandfather. Knowing how to use color is half of the battle when creating artwork in my opinion. Just keep it up, don't ever stop drawing. And I am sure that by the time you are my age (or probably not even that long) you will be a master. I've never had any professional training and I have mainly learned everything I know about art from suggestions and tips. I always try to pass things along if I think they may help. I hope to never irritate or hurt anyone's feelings by them. I try to encourage young artists to just become better. Laughing out loud