“sorry for the wannab japanese text >.<”
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simply adorable

simply adorable Smile amount of potential is anything without enthusiasm...

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This is so cute. You're a great artist! Smile

The sentence below this is true.
The sentence above this is false.
Which one is true? Smile

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wow!" ^^

lovely and so cute!! thank you 4 comment in my drawing of escorpion! and thank you 4 your nice drawings here!! :DD!

El arte es el reflejo del mundo, si el mundo es horrible, el reflejo también lo es. PAUL VERHOEVEN

Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN

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Kokeshi :]

Kokeshi :]

Hello, world.
Omnomnomnom... :3

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So cute...

I seen this before and thought I commented on it, but guess not. She is really cute, love the colors and the soft petals falling in the background really finishes this off nicely.

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This is awsome!! how long did that take! and what do those symbols mean if i may ask?

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Thankyou (:

the japanese text says; [i] geisha love [/i]