george clooney

“hope so”
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georgy Boy!

sexy paint

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Doch, doch, ein bisschen von Cloony kann man schon erahnen , aber egal, das Portrait ist gut gemacht, bravo!

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george clooney

great looking guy, great portrait of him JZ! 10

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Oh I knew it was him from the thumbnail. He looks a lot like George Clooney, he has always been one of my heart throbs. So good looking and this is a great portrait!

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g c

me thinks he is Clark Gable,very old yesteryear Hollywood actor(40s and 50s).He sported a

mustache. His famous film is "Gone with the wind" opposite Vivien Leah. In the movie he is called Rhet Butler.

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he doesn`t look like hime as I thought...