gerard way

“my chemical romance”
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=D Its gerard yaaay, oh oh

=D Its gerard yaaay, oh oh can you do Jared leto and maybe Biffy Clyro's lead singer please

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thank u Yugiohgx.. i drew Jared Leto. its in my gallery.. Smile i will look for Biffy Clyro's portrait..

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Matilda, that is great!

Matilda, that is great! "Matilda-the master of the fine brush and fine draw!" Your work, your patience and talent have impressed me.

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sweater! your object draw is great! Smile

Five stars eferin matilmort! Big smile

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gerard way

Such a great portrait of Gerard and so very well done. I also enjoyed watching this draw come together, great works Matilda. 5 stars

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It was fun watching you draw...This is such a good drawing, amazing how you use the tools. Great work. Smile He is sooo cute. Wink Smile