“I got a evil mind XD”
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OMFG!!!Flipqy (said flippy)!!!

P-S.wondering what I'm talking about?go on youtube and search happy tree friends episode,you'll see the ressemblance right away lol

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the show invader zim is totaly awesome

it is so awesome that only nerds don't love it. XD

Behold the Emo Kid who is....

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Gir gone meannnnnnnnn D: make

Gir gone meannnnnnnnn D: make a kute gir ^.^

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yeah i should do that!! tanks

yeah i should do that!! tanks for reminding me! :3 i havent got time to do a cute gir <3 ill get started on him in a few hours

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i <3 that show

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lol awsome

Big smile

HoNk! HoNk! Hi!