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Haha, no

Haha, no. This is disrespectful to the original artist.

Getting high on information.

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Disrespect. Shame on you.

Apparently you do not realize there are young artist on here. I'm one of them. You are a disgrace to Queeky. Tsk, tsk. What a shame.

Love your enemies! It will make them more angry.

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Theres alot of young artist out there you know, its to hard and disrespectfull for this to be a joke.... i am pretty disapointing in seeing stuff like this. Sad

Shall the cookies be with you

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It may also be that I'm being naive now, I'm new here. I love this site and deserves all my respect. regards

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With respect, You're right and I agree, but I am more concerned that this nonsense is that an artist as talented as you, worry about it. I try t say that I laugh about this a second and say goodbye, because this way, I do not give more importance at the lack of that. Instead I try to do my job better, I put the focus on painting or looking good jobs. Sorry if I offended you in some time and excuse my English translation can be misleading.

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It's just a typical joke!

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Respect the others

Pleassssssse~ Stare You are downgrading yourself, I feel sad for you. Sad(

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Please try harder in the future

I understand that queeky's interface takes a little getting used to and you should be welcome to play around with your effects to see what you can accomplish, but you should still put some effort into the things you post.

I'm not offended by the imagery used in this variation, in fact, I made an equally crude variation of someone's art, but I put time and effort into my variations and made something distinct from the original. The most offensive thing about this submission to me is that it literally looks like you spent about 1 minute defacing something that someone else put a lot of talent and effort into.

Please, take the time to look around. Watch a few drawings being replayed and pay attention to the techniques and tools and try and use them to your own purposes. I get the feeling you're pretty young, maybe you're frustrated by some of the more complex, realistic paintings on the site, but you have to realize that many of those took several hours-long sessions over the course of days and weeks to make.

Just keep at it, learn the settings and maybe try to play around with some of the other variations. Try some that are black and white line art and see if you can color it in. This is a very friendly community, and you will be welcome and encouraged to be a part of it as long as you take your submissions seriously enough that you'd be proud to show them to people you know.

I'd recommend unpublishing this variation (and the other one from the same submission) and keep trying to define your own style if you're interested in being a part of the community. If not, and you're just doing this to get a rise out of people, good for you, it's easy enough to just ignore you. I just thought I'd try and give you some friendly advice.

I hope you think about what I said. Welcome to Queeky!

"-this valorous visitation of bygone vexation stands vivified and vows to vanquish the venal, virulent vermin vangaurding vice and vouchsafing for the violently vicious and veracious violation of volition! The only verdict is vengeance-" -V for Vendetta

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I was just going through all the drawings I've seen so far so I can start favoriting the one's I've watched more than once and I found this variation... Needless to say I was about to tear into an anonymous person for being so crude and ended up reading your comment instead. And then I felt less angry.

Thank you!

You managed to say what I would've tried to say in a much more elegant and polite fashion. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your literacy and diplomacy with newbies on this site. Laughing out loud