Girl and_her_hamster

“A welcome portrait made after Lesleyluvswestonwild8's profile picture seen here: Hope she sees it :) ...and update - now that I see it I realize the composition is off by about an inch, I mean if I took some scissors, and cut off about 1 inch off the left side, it would be way better. ...and Update 2: I added the black band on the left, to fix the composition. It is indeed way better :)”
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Wild, vivid strokes, a

Wild, vivid strokes, a moderne touch!

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great job

I like how you did this Smile Five stars

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how did you find me?????????

how did you find me????????? amazing drawing

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Hmm no idea, I think you left

Hmm no idea, I think you left a comment and I liked your avatar Smile

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nice style too.. Big smile


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Pretty new to what style

Pretty new to what style specifically ?

I just saw some youtube vid about "Tonal Painting" and thought it looked good enough to try Smile

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very lovely strokes again

good one! Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Great portrait. Like a real painting. Great strokes.

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I'm glad you like it. Since

I'm glad you like it. Since real life painting is my thing now, I figured it would be useful to learn and practice something similar in Queeky as well. I went for something I saw in a youtube tutorial, it's called Tonal Painting Laughing out loud