Girl E

“reference from the album cover BOA Best N USA”
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woah, super portrait!

Five stars

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Really pretty...

for some reason this girl looks familiar. I know I have never seen the album cover but she looks like someone I know from life. Great job on this as with all of your portraits!

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Another great expression in

Another great expression in your picture! An interesting character! Bravo for your talented hand!And for your understanding of the human soul!

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girl E

Fabulous work pppman...wonderful expression and draw. 5 stars

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Awesome job

and great expression! FIVE

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amazing and wonderful

draw! great colors! Five stars

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Once again

A beautiful much depth and detail. Wonderful work. Smile Five stars

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:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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no comment... 5 hearts XD

no comment... 5 hearts XD

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Proportions spot on, as usual!!!.....nice!...i like this!.....5 stars!