Girl N cat

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so so cute

thats amazing and the cat it' so cute:X:X:X it's so raelistic:X:X

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psree Smile

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lovely drawing

oh, the colors may not be soft, but the whole drawing is so touching. splendid work!


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Your picture is amazing. I

Your picture is amazing. I love it!

(l l)
(o o)
( )

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look @ the cat !!! how cuuutteeeee

Smile) terrific pppman

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I draw this because I saw this lovely cat. Big smile

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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i love the way you can capture children...also...i do believe that kitty has seen a possum!

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Girl n cat

Oh I love this one, so much expression in both the girls face and the cats eyes. Adorable draw...So well done.. Smile Five stars FAVS

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expression and ligthing! FIVE

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I think

that this "nice" girl is holding that cat hostage, obviously his big eyes are full or A) surprise or B) fear (more than likely fear Crazy ) lol nice Big smile

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