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Girl on the Box

“my first nude for Claus Group”
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Beautiful and Gentle

I agree with Wungu's comment on the scale. I like how she doesn't take up the whole frame, it actually make you appreciate her more

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Wow, amazing drawing

Beautiful Five stars

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why can't i see it? im 21!!


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i cant see it because I'm not

i cant see it because I'm not 16

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such a beautiful draw and girl!!5 stars!so sensual!

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Beautiful pose

This is a great draw Kute.....shading is really great....(wink)

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oh *.*

I dont know if you drew a nude before, but i have to say that this nude is really beautiful!!! love the colors. She is really pretty and love that box so realistic!! ^^

I have no doubts, you are amazing kutedymples Laughing out loud

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Art is the reflection of the world, if the world is horrible, the reflection is too. PAUL VERHOEVEN

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Thanks Clau...

I really tried hard on this especially because it was for your group. I want to make many more when I have time. Thanks again for your nice comment!

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Thank you!

I really wanted the girl herself to be larger. Sad( I chose a very large canvas to start drawing this on. I think what I did though was make too much background and that made the main subject of this drawing too small. Live and learn I guess. Since submitting this to the gallery I am already noticing things to edit. (I do that with almost every picture I make, you would think after the many days that it takes to do the picture...I would have already caught everything that bothers me about it) Nudes are not normally a subject that I would draw very often but I actually enjoyed drawing this. As always, I really appreciate the feedback. Big smile Thank you so much!

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I like the scale of the subject to the background ... it makes her seem a little vulnerable ... which of course many of us are when we are naked.

I always spot things to edit after I have published a picture and I think, like editing a document I have written, it is the familiarity that helps you not see the things until after it is published. Once it is published you stand back from it like the rest of the audience? The only thing I might have done differently would be to offset the box at an angle instead of square on to the viewer but that is simply a matter of preference, not a criticism.

... hopefully she has some tweezers handy in case of splinters?

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