Glass Harp

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awesome ,a master piece

awesome ,a master piece

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A great tribute...

Wine glass and water? Amazing!...Halo around his face makes him a genius...which he is! Wonderfully interpreted, kindre! Five stars Five stars Five stars Smile Love the texture, too!

Do everything with LOVE...

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I walk in the house trying to

I walk in the house trying to imitate him ... things are not going any better ... thirty-two glasses cups broken, and a canoe to move into my house ... music is something very expensive ... I will re-dedicate myself to the drawing! Thank you my friend. Shock

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Thank you my dear friend,

Thank you my dear friend, Pirjo! Robert Tiso is a great artist and the value of him as great Man can be seen in this video,where he has no secrets and share everything all by us all :

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So cool.

So classy and funny at the same time. (Sorry if it wasn't your intention to be funny. )

And I like the design of this one. Laughing out loud

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Analyze perfect my friend,

Analyze perfect my friend, thank you very much! Smile

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I've just seen the playback. Great technique at the background. You really created the depth. Smile