go fetch the ball please

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Love it

Your art is Great. Love the colors and the silhouette style.

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hi! your pictures are just amazing, they're great Smile keep it up :] o0...and thanks for the comment =]bye!

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nice draw...

I love the colors

you can write a book with these works

give you 5stars...good luck

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

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Come back to comment on this

Come back to comment on this one Liz,,,I love it.

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Really great 5/5

Practise Gives Perfection!

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Yees finally !! Ive missed your pics ! And this is a great start. Nice colors and really cute ! It looks like a warm and friendly place.

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At last a new sweet, pretty draw! Your picture makes someone light-hearted.

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nice pic love d kontrast